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Gift Membership Holiday Sale

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town…But he needs your help!

You can lighten his backpack and delight your Philmont staff friends by sending the gift of a PSA membership directly to a friend’s home.

You’ll also be rewarded for being nice, not naughty.  If you give an annual membership the PSA will send you or the person receiving the gift a complimentary copy of Tales from the High Country. To sweeten the deal we are offering gift memberships at the special rate of $25, compared to the regular $32 rate.

Order the membership by November 30th and we guarantee the gift will be delivered in time for the holidays.

Ok, you say, this sounds great….but I don’t know how to get in touch with my Philstaff friends.  Never fear! If you send us the person’s name(s) (and any other information, such as when they worked on staff or the area of the country where you think they live) we will search for their contact information. We will also forward you their contact information so you can stay in touch with them.

We hope you can join your fellow PSA members at the annual New Year’s gathering at the Ranch, so you can go walking in a winter wonderland!

Rangers 50th Patches

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Why buy on eBay when you can get them from the source?

ranger patch

Large backpatch

Regular size patch

Rangers’ 50th Tees

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

rangers 50th shirt

The IWTGBTP front is on the brick-red unisex vintage shirt and the Ranger patch front is on the charcoal regular t-shirt.

The back design is the same for both—it is a faded silk screen image. Both are $15. We are taking pre-orders with the shirts ready for the reunion.

* colors are approximate

20070730 Update: Sold Out

I Wanna “I Wanna Go Back” Poster

Monday, June 18th, 2007
i wanna go back to philmont poster

The artist, Jeff Segler, worked primarily in the backcountry and as Camp Director for most of his tenure at Philmont from 1977 to 1983. Then for the next 5 years Jeff published two books for Philmont, the Philmont Fieldguide and Philmont, A Pictorial History. He painted I Wanna Go Back in the spring of 1981 as a personal thank you to Philmont for the unique and life changing opportunity they had given him, and for the fine people He had had the honor of working with over the years at the Ranch. Jeff presented the painting to then Program Manager, Lloyd Knutson, at the Opening Staff Ceremonies that summer. Fortunately, the gift was well received and that same year management decided to reproduce the painting in a signed, limited edition series of lithographs which were sold at the Museum and Trading Post. They sold out in just a few weeks. The original hung in the Seton Museum for many years, which was his only stipulation for the gift.

The idea behind the painting was to capture the anticipation every staff member feels in the Spring as they anxiously await their Philmont contract. The uniform and the gear have changed a bit over the years, but the feelings are timeless, like the Tooth. The subject of the painting is Jack Clark who worked at Philmont as a Ranger and in the backcountry during the early 80s.

Jeff appreciates the interest to reproduce the painting again for the Ranger 50th Anniversary. So many requests have come his way since 1981 for additional copies of the lithograph, and until now, except for a postcard that was available for a few years, there have been none. He again thanks again to all of you who have appreciated the painting all these years, and thanks to the Philmont Staff Association for sponsoring the new printing.

20070829 Update: PSA supply sold out; try the Tooth of Time Traders for availability

2007 Annual Meeting in Dallas

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

The PSA Annual Meeting and Reunion is shaping up for October 12-13 in Dallas, Texas. A committee is in place and plans are progressing. We intend to make this an exciting, fulfilling, and productive event. Plan to arrive Friday night or Saturday morning for a full day Saturday of events and activities

Saturday morning/early afternoon at the Solano Marriott Hotel: PSA committee meetings and informal fellowship in the morning. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend a committee meeting of your choice. Your input will be valued. Reunion activities in the early afternoon.

Saturday afternoon and evening at the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas: Registration for the annual meeting and dinner at the National Scouting Museum opens at 3:30 p.m. From then until dinner, enjoy free self-guided tours of the museum. A buffet dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m., followed by the PSA Annual Meeting and presentations of the 2007 Silver Sage Awards honoring Dean Tooley and John Westfall.

Accommodations: The Solano Marriott has provided a special rate of $99 for PSA attendees on Friday night. The same rate may be available for Saturday night. Please make your reservations directly with the hotel, specifying that you are attending the PSA meetings.

Cost: $65 per person for the full day of fun (includes breakfast and lunch at the hotel and dinner at the museum). Fee to attend only the dinner, annual meeting and awards ceremony is $25 per person.

Registration: Registration for this big event is available on the PSA web site. We encourage (read that as plead) you to register as early as you can.

Photos Wanted: One of the activities we think will be fun, interesting, and informative is to review the changes in the camps, both staff and non-staff, over the years. To accomplish this, we need your help! We need your pictures of the camps, with or without campers/staff. They can be negatives, prints, slides, or CD images. We will prepare albums and a show that will be used during the Reunion events on Saturday afternoon and also during the pre-dinner touring of the National Scouting Museum. If you wish to retrieve the pictures you send to us, they will be available at the end of the business meeting on Saturday evening.

If you will not be able to participate but are willing to share your pictures, we would be very happy to receive them. If needed, we will mail them back to you after the event. Of course, you are encouraged to bring any and all pictures with you, especially ones with younger versions of you and friends. It is a good discussion
starter and we all enjoy the memories they spark.

Send your photos to Dave Romack, 2407 Villa Vera, Arlington, TX 76017
For more info, contact Dave at

Buckles and Reunion Deadline

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Update: Sold Out

A reminder that the Ranger’s 50th Anniversary Reunion deadline approaches (May 31st). As of this writing there are about 50 slots open. The associated trek is full.

As for the buckles, the picture say it all…

pewter buckle

bronze buckle
gold and silver buckle

Not pictured:
Silver Plate

2007 PSA Autumn Adventure

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Fall is the best time to camp at Philmont. Experience the pleasure of hiking the Philmont backcountry, when the aspen trees change to gold. Enjoy warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights. View the splendor of Philmont fall colors. Observe wildlife preparing for winter.

Last fall just a handful of PSA members got to experience first hand what the Autumn Adventure program at Philmont is all about. It was amazing. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to participate this year. Create your own itinerary and hike for days without seeing anyone outside of your crew. At first glance the ranch seems closed for the season, but the magic of the place never ceases.

Autumn Adventure is open to crews of six to 12 participants accompanied by an Autumn Adventure guide. Know some friends you would like to share the Philmont experience with? Form your own crew and create your custom itinerary. Don’t know anyone you can get to come with you? Sign up and you will be put in a crew of other PSA members. All participants must be registered members of the BSA (but not necessarily the PSA).

Hiking at Philmont hasn’t gotten any easier. Make sure that you are ready for the physical activity involved with enjoying HOmE on foot. Also the autumn weather is different than the summer weather we are all used to. You need to be prepared, but it’s worth it.

The fee for Autumn Adventure is $40 per person per day, which includes all trail food and a staff guide. This year the PSA treks will be held from September 9-14. Sign up early so that crews can be formed and itineraries planned. For your planning purposes it is helpful to know that you will hit the trail the day you arrive and can leave the day you come off the trail, but many spend the night and enjoy some off-trail fellowship over dinner.

If you want to sign up or have questions about the program, contact Fred Cribbett for more information.

2007 PSA Raffle

Monday, April 9th, 2007

If you missed out on winning the last custom rifle raffled off to support the PSA—here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

The second PSA Fundraising Raffle is under way with three prizes to chose from:

A 1965 custom-built Weatherby .257-caliber rifle with Hasqarva Swedish action and a touch trigger. A collector’s dream, this rifle (built at Weatherby’s custom shop in California; it shoots best with 85 to 87 grain bullets) was donated by Darrel Kirkland to help support the PSA’s activities helping Philmont.

rifle grip detail

A “Tooth” of Time Fossil. This eight-inch display-mounted shark’s tooth fossil from the Cretaceous Period (the birthday of Philmont’s own “Tooth of Time” (you remember the Ranger jokes on the bus tour, don’t you?) was donated by Robert L. Washington with proceeds benefiting the Waite Phillips Rayado Scholarship.

A Dawn Chandler Original—this MUST HAVE landscape, donated by Dawn, represents a special spot at our beloved northern New Mexico HOmE. It’ll look great in your Philmont room—or any room—in your own home.

Tickets are $25 each, or five for $100 and you can select any one of the three raffle items on each ticket.

Make sure your name is called when the drawing happens at the 2007 PSA Annual Meeting at the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas this October. You need not be present to win, but if you are there, you’ll be able to enjoy your prize that much sooner!